Narratological transfer – French Narratology in Russia / Russian Narratology in France (July 12, 2017)

Proceedings of the international seminar held at the Moscow Center for French and Russian Studies, July 12, 2017, contributions collected and edited by Larissa Mouravieva and John Pier.

Table of contents

Larissa E. Mouravieva & John Pier- Presentation

Valerij I. Tiupa –France and Russia in Narratological Research

Veronika B. Zousseva-Özkan –Narratology, Historical Poetics and Historical Narratology

John Pier –Narrative Theory and Discourse Analysis

Liudmila V. Comuzzi –Rhythm of Composition and Narrative Theory of Translation:Two Possibilities for a Russian-French Dialogue on Narrative

Larissa E. Mouravieva –The Transfer of Narratological Concepts:The Russian Adaptation ofmise en abyme

Ekaterina Yu. Sokrouta –Narratological Cartography