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Actualités Narratologiques 2013

Summer Course in Narrative Studies 2013 (publié le 13 janvier 2013)

The Summer Course in Narrative Studies (SINS) is an intensive PhD-level course that brings together postdoctoral students, faculty members and leading scholars in a multi-disciplinary, international discussion of existing and emerging concepts and approaches in the broad field of narrative study. The course is hosted by Aarhus University and takes place at the Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark, 11.-16. of August 2013.

Through a combination of keynote lectures, participant papers, workshops and master classes the summer institute covers the state of the art of current approaches as well as provides the participants with outstanding possibilities of getting feedback on their own work. Lecturers this year include:

  • James Phelan (US)

  • Alexandra Georgakopoulou (UK)

  • Jan Baetens (BE)

  • Ruth Page (UK)

  • Henrik Skov Nielsen (DK).

The institute welcomes scholars working with any and all type of narrative form or function, be that verbal or non-verbal, fictive or non-fictive, spontaneous or artificial, strategic or sympthomal, and presents key researchers from fields such as postclassical narratology, narrative inquiry, rhetorical narrative theory, storytelling, cognitive narrative theory and transmedial approaches.

Deadline for application is April 1. 2013.



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