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A History of Distributed Cognition - Call for papers (publié le 13 octobre 2014)

A History of Distributed Cognition -- Interdisciplinary Workshop Series
University of Edinburgh

Deadline for applications: Oct 31st, 2014

In philosophy and cognitive science a range of recent theories argue that   the mind is not just brain-based but is distributed across the brain, body   and world. This workshop series, part of a larger, AHRC-funded project,   explores the historical expression of related notions of the mind as   distributed.

There will be a series of four workshops:

Please find specific information for each of these workshops under the links above and email for more information or with any queries. Twelve participants will meet at each of   the closed workshops to present a 25 minute paper and join in roundtable   discussions. It is expected that the workshop participants will have   watched and will engage with the eight specially created virtual seminars   by influential philosophers working on current debates and hypotheses about distributed cognition, and will reflect on the expression of these notions   in their own period.

We invite abstracts of 250-500 words before 5pm (UK time) on October 31st   2014 on topics which can be closely related to the foci of the project and   virtual seminars (listed below). We will invite papers of a suitable   standard to be revised and submitted for publication as part of the book   series.

This workshop may be of interest to, and we invite applications from,   scholars working on the history of philosophy, history of medicine,   history of science,  intellectual history, history of ideas, literary   studies, history of art and archaeology.Three places at each workshop have   been reserved for early career postdoctoral  scholars and funding towards   travel and accommodation costs will be  provided.

We expect submissions to engage with one or more topics (or related   aspects of distributed cognition) that will be covered in the virtual   seminar series.The seminar series will cover the following topics:

  • 1. 'Distributed Cognition in the Continental & Analytical Traditions', Prof Michael Wheeler (University of Stirling)

  • 2. 'Embodied Cognition', Prof Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis)

  • 3. 'The Extended Mind', Prof Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh)

  • 4. 'Enactivism', Prof Ezequiel di Paolo (Ikerbasque, San Sebastián)

  • 5. 'Emotions in the Body and World', Prof Giovanna Colombetti (University of Exeter)

  • 6. 'Memory as a Test Case for Distributed Cognition', Prof John Sutton (Macquarie University)

  • 7. 'The Phenomenological We', Prof Dan Zahavi (Centre for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen)

  • 8: 'Social Cognition', Prof Deborah Tollefsen (University of Memphis)

Further information:


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