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Actualités Narratologiques 2013

International Conference on Narrative: Ecocriticism and Narrative Theory (publié le 19 juillet2013)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

March 27 - 30, 2014

This panel welcomes proposals on any topic that explores possible points of dialogue between ecocriticism and narrative theory, and builds on the work bridging the two fields presented at the 2013 Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) conference this past May.

Despite the fact that both of these approaches to the study of literature and culture are well established, they appear to have said little to one another; Narrative, the flagship journal of narrative theory, has never featured a special issue focusing on the environment in narratives, and ISLE, the flagship journal of ecocriticism, has never featured a special issue exploring the role narrative structures play in representations of the environment.

But if these conversations remain in their infancy, is not because the two approaches lack overlapping interests. On the contrary, opportunities for cross-pollination abound. The vocabulary developed by narratologists could benefit certain ecocritical studies, especially in helping ecocritical scholars better account for the formal aspects of representations of environment in various types of narratives (novels, short stories, films, etc). Ecocritical insights could help to broaden narrative theory, particularly in strengthening the connection between text and extratextual world of interest to many postclassical narratologists and expanding the repertoire of questions narrative theorists ask of narratives. This panel seeks to explore both directions of this developing conversation. Possible topics include:

  • Access to nature alongside/versus access to narrative

  • Animals as characters

  • Chronotopes

  • Evolutionary approaches to narrative/“evocriticism”

  • Gendered/ecofeminist approaches to narrating natural experience

  • Heteroglossia and the natural sciences

  • Lyric narrative and forms of nature writing

  • Mimesis and diegesis

  • Narration, expectation, and natural experience

  • Narrative and/as environmental rhetoric

  • Narrative and ecocentrism

  • Narrative and/of space or place

  • Narrative as mediator of natural events (journalism, nature, and narrative)

  • Narrative storyworlds as virtual environments

  • “Natural” and “Unnatural” narrative

  • Natural disaster as plot device, deus ex machina

  • Pathetic fallacy as narratorial strategy

  • Person and narration (first, third; omniscient, restricted) and nonhuman narrators

  • Referentiality and political context

  • Role of nature in indigenous forms of narrative

Send 300 word abstracts to Erin James at by October 1, 2013.


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