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Actualités narratologiques 2010

Working with stories. Narratives as a meeting place for theory, analysis and practice (publié le 14 avril 2010)

“The narratives of the world are numberless,” Roland Barthes stated in his famous introduction to the structural analysis of narrative in 1966. “Narrative is first and foremost a prodigious variety of genres, themselves distributed amongst different substances – as though any material were fit to receive man’s stories. ... Caring nothing for the division between good and bad literature, narrative is international, transhistorical, transcultural: it is simply there, like life itself.”

In the years that have passed since Barthes’ seminal essay, scholars in the humanities and the social sciences have devoted considerable effort to exploring the roles and functions of narrative in human history and behavior. They have done so not only with regard to literature and other epic modes of expression, but also in the areas of psychology, cultural studies, communication studies, cognitive sciences and sociology.

In recent times, trans- and interdisciplinary perspectives on narrative studies have drawn increasing interest. The purpose of this conference is to contribute to this ongoing development by welcoming papers which explore and reflect the transdisciplinary aspects of narrative theory and conceptualization.

Papers focusing on the following subjects will be of special interest to the conference:

  • · Comparative surveys of narratological concepts across disciplines.

  • · The use/misuse of narratological concepts in uncommon narrative environments.

  • · The conceptualization and analysis of multimodal narratives.

  • · Conceptual development with interest in unnatural narratives and antinarrative strategies.

Keynote speakers:

· Matti Hyvärinen, Tampere University: “Traveling concepts of Narrative”

· Wolf Schmid, Hamburg University: “The Legacy of Russian Formalism in a Transdisciplinary Perspective”
· Cynthia M. Grund, University of Southern Denmark: “Narrative and Music”

· Lars-Christer Hydén, Linköping University, Sweden: “Narrative and Medicine”

· Jan Alber, Freiburg University: “The Unnatural Across the Fiction/Non-Fiction Divide”

· Susan Lanser, Brandeis University: “Feminist Narratology in a Transdisciplinary Perspective“

Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 1st, 2010.

Send 200-word abstracts to Associate Professor Per Krogh Hansen (University of Southern Denmark, Center for Narratological Studies): Please write ‘ENN Conference: Working with stories’ in the subject line.

Pre-Conference Doctoral Course, March 9th 2011:

We are pleased to announce a pre-conference doctoral course on transdisciplinary narrative theory. The course will be directed by John Pier, Université François-Rabelais de Tours and CRAL (CNRS/EHESS), and Per Krogh Hansen, University of Southern Denmark. Ph.D. students working on any text type with narrative relevance are eligible to participate. Prospective participants are asked to send 2- to 3-page descriptions of their Ph.D. projects to Please write “ENN Conference: Working with stories: Doctoral” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2010. The doctoral course is arranged in cooperation with The Hans Christian Andersen Graduate School, University of Southern Denmark.

Registration fee

1000 DKK / 135 €

Fee includes: Lunch March 10th and 11th and coffee/tee etc.


You have to register separately for dinners on March 10th and March 11th. The price pr. dinner is 300 DKK / 41 € which is to be paid for along with the registration fee.


Deadline for registration is January 5th 2011 to with your name, institution, e-mail address etc. Please remember to register for dinners.


Information on how to pay will follow soon.

Hotel booking

Saxildhus Hotel – 716 DKK / 97 € pr. night incl. breakfast and free minibar. Please remember to state bookingnumber 69966 for reduced price.

First Hotel Kolding - 825 DKK / 111 € pr. night incl. breakfast. Please remember to state bookingnumber INST090311 for reduced price.

Kolding Danhostel

Bed & Breakfast Kolding

More information on the conference here


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